The Nickronomicon by Nick Mamatas (A Review by Jason Wayne Allen)

You can Pre-order The Nickronomicon by Nick Mamatas at the link below.

The book goes on sale November 18th 2014 from Innsmouth Free Press! Also, if you purchase during the pre-sale, you get 20% off the cover price!

I would like to thank Silvia Moreno-Garcia from Innsmouth Free Press for the review copy of this book, and also Nick Mamatas for writing such  brilliant, entertaining, and thought-provoking stories.–Jason Wayne Allen


The Nickronomicon is a collection of Lovecraftian tales by author Nick Mamatas that are modern, unique spins on ye old Yogsothery, introducing ingenious takes on Lovecraft’s mythos, and a signature style all Mamatas’s own. Nick Mamatas is a legend of Lovecraftian fiction, anyone who has read Move Under Ground can testify to that, but I think with the cleverly, and fittingly titled, The Nickcronomicon, the author’s voice and ideas truly proves to be one of the most vital, and relevant in the Lovecraftian genre.

One of the best examples of this vitality, and relevancy can be found in the novella that closes the book, On the Occasion of my Retirement (original to this collection) where we have a professor at Miskatonic University embroiled in a sex scandal with a student. After his termination from his position his money starts to dwindle, and he attempts to sale an artifact, a mysterious blacker than black stone, or bas-relief through online markets. His attempts to get a clear picture for the online markets has him calling in favors and blackmail from Miskatonic‘s A.V. department. Through a series of events he is forced into the artifact where he suffers insectoid-existential angst of a Kafkaesque variety. Oh, and our protagonist is a black guy by the way, the type of protag rarely seen in Lovecraftian stories. This story is a great example because it combines modern, relevant subject matter, and relatable characters with Lovecraft’s signature antiquarian-related themes, and philosophies in regards to man’s place in the universe…Oh, and there is a brilliant homage to Lovecraft’s The Thing On the Doorstep that you never see coming!

A few other standouts, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Nyarlathotep, a bizarre mix of the Old Ones and Pac-Man! Seriously, and it works!
And Other Horrors written with legend Don Webb, a gritty story about a thief who switches bodies with a member of the Great Race of Yith!–This is a very trippy tale, genius in its execution.
And Then, And Then, And Then a short tale about a guy who finds religion, so to speak, in the town of Innsmouth…I could go on, there is really not a dud in this collection. All things Lovecraft are here, including creepy epistolary tales that come off believable even, but carry Mamatas’s unique signature.

The Nickronomicon also contains some beautifully cryptic artwork by GMB Chomichuk that would do the Mad Arab himself proud!


If you are a fan of W.H. Pugmire, Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Laird Barron, and generally very different, and interesting ideas, and voices in Lovecraftian fiction, The Nickronomicon is required reading, it doesn’t get much better than this!

–Jason Wayne Allen


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