Three Reads w/ Grant Wamack

Grant Wamack, author of A Lightbulb’s Lament, talks about three books that has influenced him, and one of them is The Rotgut County Blues.
I could not be more flattered. Thank you, Grant!
–Jason Wayne

Jamie Grefe

New Mexico is a swirl of candy-colored clouds and evening storms this time of year. It makes the music sound just a little bit better, makes a person love the wind a little stronger. And there’s a song in that wind, a slight sadness that screams for me to pick up a book and read. You, too? Yeah, I thought so. Let’s dig in to something new.

Today’s “three reads” contributor is Grant Wamack, author of A Lightbulb’s Lament (2014, Bizarro Pulp Press). Besides penning slick Bizarro fiction, Grant is also in the business of spitting thunder and flamethrowers through your speakers in the guise of GS, a part of the Lowkey Collective (LWKY). And since we’re humming summer haunts under this New Mexico sky, let’s do a bit of conjuring, let the ghosts come in, and give a listen to GS’ track “Ghosts.”

Is it…

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