TESTICIDE by Stephan Imri Knight

Here’s a rising talent that I’m proud to showcase on The Rotgut County BLOG. I discovered Stephan Imri Knight while editing Fifty Secret Tales of the Whispering Gash: A Queefrotica and needed…more! Ladies and Gentleman I proudly present:




                                                               Stephan Imri Knight

Artie stared at the giant cock that was resting on the remains that once was his newly furnished home cursing violently. He’d only just moved in, he hadn’t even started paying off the hefty mortgage associated with buying a place in the city. He examined the massive massively hairy scrotum, his eyes working up the shaft and to the drooling tip. Usually this might fit into one of Artie’s dreams, you know the kind when you wake up you’re all wet and sticky supporting a raging hard-on. Even though usually he liked the idea of a nice large cock, the size of this thing was ridiculous, 42 meters tall of ridiculous. Artie couldn’t even fathom how such a thing could exist.

Whilst Artie was deeply theorizing if the whole thing was a hallucination probably brought on by a bad trip he was having the giant cock awoke.

The veins running down it rippled as it sprang into action and incidentally an erection. It bent over at an angle that for a human would be excruciatingly painful. Hopping forward moving from one side of its ball sack to the other. It began to coat everything in front of it with its hot webby spunk.

Artie gagged out of his thoughts, the steaming seamen that had cocooned the building to his left smelt down right vomit inducing.

Artie looked up, the once contents of his stomach dripping down his chin, aware now that the giant cock was turning his way. It shot out a stream of cum and Artie dodge rolled out of the way in sheer luck. Artie started running but as if the giant cock had eyes it was in hot pursuit. But that was incredulous, cocks can’t see! But the giant cock could see him. Which he realized as it pointed head first at him. There was a small green eye inside the giant urethra that seemed to tear in half every time it opened up to let out another jet.

Artie kept running, his whole neighbourhood was running. Everyone was in a panic, some people attempted to drive away but most were squished beneath the persistent movement of the giant balls. The giant cock easily targeted and cocooned anyone in its line of vision. Smothering each and every person around him with a quick precise load.

Artie was aghast as he realized that this was probably it, the end. Artie Jacobson’s young life was at an end. He only had one regret, he’d never actually got to touch another man’s cock before. He was still a virgin. Also that he hadn’t levelled up to the max level in that new MMORPG he had been playing, he’d only been a level away. Okay, that was two things. Two sad reflections on the kind of life Artie had wasted away.

Though as the left nut of the giant cock came thundering down upon him he thought to himself, well this still counts as touching one right?, then his body crunched insignificantly into dust.

By the end of the next day a good part of Victoria had been covered and cocooned in the slimy white splooge. The giant cock lay deflated and satiated. Secure in the knowledge that it had fucked the place up real good. It lay like that for the next two days but awoke again when the whole of Victoria began to rumble. The dried up cum began to crack and for every person that once resided there a baby giant cock crawled out from the wreckage to move onwards to take over the rest of Australia.

It wouldn’t be long before the whole world would be occupied by dicks. Which really wasn’t so different to how it was to begin with.

Stephan Imri-Knight is from Melbourne Australia and is currently pursuing a career as a Librarian.
She often writes weird flash fiction in her spare time when she’s not engrossed in video games or plotting the demise of her dungeons and dragons party.
Self-professed weirdo and pickle enthusiast, as in, give her some.
She is a genderqueer hard core yaoi fan who aspires to one day write a novel that may sit on library shelves.





Surreal Grotesque is my new favorite eZine. This month they took things to new literary levels of awesome and weird with this Bizarro issue, featuring such Bizarro heavyweights as Joseph Wargo, Garrett Cook, D.Harlan Wilson, Tony Rauch, Michael Allen Rose, Andrew Goldfarb, G.Aurthur Brown, Andrew Wayne Adams, Justin Grimbol, Bruce Taylor and many more…many MORE!(if I missed a name I’m doing this from the top of my head, so forgive me) It also features great reviews from Jeremy Maddux, Courtney Alsop, and get this: On Page 167 there is a review by Jeremy Maddux of ROTGUT COUNTY BLUES by Jason Wayne Allen(Me!).

You can read this issue for free and also download it from surrealgrotesque.com