CRAFT BEER AND MASSIVE FLARGEN: The Life and Times of David Anderson

There have been many things said in regards to the life and history of one, David Anderson. Today is July 28, 2013 and David Anderson is celebrating a birthday. Actually, he probably celebrated last night, as evidenced by all the tags and incoherent jibber jabber on most of the canon of Cthulhu Mythos writers(Anderson is a Mythos snob of sorts, a relative expert on the genre), Jordan Krall, and my own Facebook Walls.

Now, some would get annoyed by this social networking misbehavior but not those who call themselves friends of David Anderson. There is an endearing quality to waking up before a long day at the job, opening Facebook and seeing your picture spliced with vocalist Seal and an actual seal shooting you with laser eyes or this little gem of my face spliced into Arnold’s for the ’90’s piece of nostalgia flick Last Action Hero.

Anderson 1Anderson’s history and personal life are shrouded in mystery. The only substantial thing this humble narrator knows is that he lives in Arizona, does book covers, his father is rich beyond measure and he lives on an orange grove. Oh, his favorite H.P. Lovecraft story, he said once, was The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadeth and he is an enormous Jeffery Thomas fan, responsible for getting me into Thomas’s work.

Here are some of his published covers:

btoti_coversmallZEJ COVER



dave photo


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