“Lovecraft eZine” podcasts are FREE for a limited time!

I’m downloading all these now!

Lovecraft eZine

As you probably know, beginning with issue #19 The Lovecraft eZine is now available as a podcast.  In the podcast, you can listen to every story in each issue!

For a limited time, I’m offering all podcasts for free (issue #25 podcast will be available Monday)!  So download them all, listen on your commute or as you fall asleep at night.  I know you’ll enjoy them; the stories are read by some very talented voice artists, and beginning with issue #23, Dr. Robert M. Price reads a monthly column!

Enjoy!  And thanks for being a part of The Lovecraft eZine.  Choose an issue to download:

Issue #25 – July 2013 (available Monday, July 29, 2013)

Issue #24 – May 2013

Issue #23 – April 2013

Issue #22 – February 2013

Issue #21 – January 2013

Issue #20 – December 2012

Issue #19 – November 2012

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